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The Kamsky center of cluster development of small and medium businesses of the Republic of Tatarstan

Creating in 2014 with initiative and support of:

the Ministry of Economy
of the Republic of Tatarstan
Non-Profit Partnership "Kama innovative
territorial production cluster"
The Enterprises of Small and
Medium Business of region



The cluster politics in the Republic of Tatarstan

Basic document, that describe of frames of cluster policy in Russia –
«The conception of long-term socio-economic development of the Russian Federation for the period till 2020».

Tatarstan – 2017-2020-2030 – regional cluster activation
Cluster conversation of modern and smart (II stage: 2017-2020 – formation
of cluster system – phase of organization; III stage: 2020-2030 – active phase)


Mission and purpose of the Kamsky CCD

Mission – creating new sources of economic increase through the development of SMB at the base of cluster way.

Purpose – creating conditions for effective cooperation production enterprises, educational and scientific organizations, noncommercial and commercial companies, government and municipal authorities, investors for development of industry trend clusters, provision of realization joint (cluster) projects.

The Kamsky CCD organized cooperation with business, educational and scientific organizations, republican government and municipal authorities, development institutions for development of SME agents


Objectives of the Kamsky CCD in support and organization of interaction

Promotion of cluster participants in receipt of orders of new consumers, ensuring compliance of the existing products of enterprises - cluster participants with the requirements of consumers for the yield in new markets (product certification and quality management system)
Direction and decision issues for the implementation of joint (cluster and intercluster) projects to reduce costs, improve competitiveness, logistics, staffing, etc .; Creating of cooperative ties between universities, government authorities, large enterprises and anchor companies participating clusters; Formation and development of centers of excellence for the speedy yield to market of new products SMBs.
Promotion in the promotion and commercialization of intangibles cluster participants (registration of inventions, utility models, trademarks, including international, patent research, assistance in implementation of innovation projects) in order to gain market niches or yield in new markets


Services of the Kamsky CCD

The Kamsky CCD provides 14 kind of service to SMP for co-financing:

  • selection and promotion in the implementation of joint cluster projects and search for partners;
  • marketing research, workshops and business missions in the interests of the cluster, the monitoring of the state of the cluster and the development of programs for the development of industrial clusters.
  • subsidization of product certification companies, costs of patent research, registration of trademarks, inventions, utility models for the yield in new markets;
  • subsidizing the cost of visiting and participation in trade exhibitions, the cost of providing educational services (trainings, seminars, webinars);
  • support in the implementation of investment and innovation projects, in the preparation of documentation, and promotion in obtaining state support;
  • directory creation of new products and services of enterprises, promotion umbrella brands of clusters of SMEs RT


Clusters of Kamsky CCD – industry trends

Formed in 2014-2015:

Machine-building cluster IT- cluster


Formed in 2015-2016:

Woodworking cluster
(furniture production)
Cluster of manufacturers
of polymer products


Pre-planned in 2016-2017:

  Cluster of light industry Food cluster


Machine building cluster

Cooperate 80 companies

Main activities of enterprises:
  • production of steel and aluminum castings,
  • metal processing,
  • manufacturing,
  • auto components,
  • machinery.



Cluster Management Organization 

Association of machine-building companies
of Naberezhnye Chelny and Zakamiye region



Unites 70 companies

  Cluster Management Organization - IT-park
Main activities of enterprises: software development and web-sites, production automation, robotics, etc.


Background for cluster of the manufacturers of polymer products

Concentration of big chemical and petroleum companies in the Republic of Tatarstan


Background for cluster of the furniture production

Concentration different furniture production export-oriented companies in the Republic of Tatarstan (60 enterprises)

Anchor and resource companies

  • Forestry in Tatarstan
  • Kastamonu in SEZ Alabuga
  • Negotiations on the localization of the production of furniture accessories


Background for cluster of light industry

Concentration of different companies of light industry in the Republic of Tatarstan(about 300 enterprises)


Background for medicine cluster

Concentration different medicine production companies in the Republic of Tatarstan (25 enterprises in Kazan economic zone)


Results in 2015

Government support programms:

Create new work place: 15

New products with support Kamsky CCD 8: 
5-Machine-building cluster;
3- IT-cluster


The history of successful: project of cluster by recovery and recycling of roofing waste

PLC «RABIKA – energy conservation» is winner of competition «Commercialization» with project of release 100% recycling line of bituminous roofing waste.

Member of Machine-building cluster signed contracts with big companies of construction in Naberezhnye Chelny and Zakamiye region.


The history of successful: project of cluster to implement the system of collection and transportation of waste using buried tanks

Production of all elements of the project within a single cluster: from the tank with container to the truck with manipulator

With possibility of remote dispatching control (using own development of IT-cluster)


Russian Cluster Observatory

3 federal support tools of clusters:

  • Government Resolution of RF №1605 (development of center of cluster development)
  • Government Resolution of RF №778 (development of the pilot-innovation clusters)
  • Government Resolution of RF №779, №41 (development of industry clusters)